My Platonic Love Affair

I received my new copy of Vogue Knitting (Winter 08/09) issue a couple of days ago and just managed to sit down tonight to flip through it. I’ll admit, I’m not a HUGE Vogue Knitting fan… I usually only find one or two patterns that I’d like to knit for myself (I’m more of an Interweave girl, myself), but I do get it because usually I do love those one or two patterns. Plus, my sister will always find some patterns that she just LOVES in Vogue Knitting, so I get some ideas for her Christmas and birthday presents from it. Anyway, I’m flipping through the magazine, just browsing, when I hit a page that causes me to jump out of my chair and do a little dance… no really, I did. DH is asleep and the only one who saw was the dog, Kubrick, who looked at me once and joined me, LOL. Dancing is one of his favorite activities EVER, as demonstrated by this picture (please note the cute little tongue sticking out – yes, he is adorable):

Jerky please

But I digress. So you’re probably wondering what made me jump out of my chair and dance like a mad woman… Well, as you may recall (or just scroll down a couple of posts), I have already admitted to being platonically in love with, and secretly hoping to stalk (shhh! Don’t tell him!), Jared Flood. So you can all just imagine my little scream of glee (and mad-woman dance) when I received my latest issue of Vogue Knitting (Winter 08/09) and found a brand-spanking-new Brooklyntweed pattern. This time, he’s made the most amazing pair of gloves ever. If you haven’t seen them yet, click here for the Ravelry pattern page.

OH MY GOD I am in LOVE! AGAIN! haha! They’re absolutely gorgeous, though very cable intensive – is that an understatement or what, LOL? They’re going in my queue right away and I’m already thinking of yarn to use. A nice Malabrigo in red or blue, or perhaps a Blue Sky Alpaca silk blend…. or something else entirely. Maybe even the yarn used in the pattern to make a “classic” one, haha! It just sucks that I am too busy to start working on it any time soon… realistically it will probably be the end of February before I can cast on – and yes, I am crying a little on the inside over this.

Sorry if my outburst of excitement over some gloves made you all fear for my sanity… I swear I’m not insane over Jared Flood. Not yet, at least.

11 thoughts on “My Platonic Love Affair

  1. Yes! He showed a picture of those at his lecture here in PDX a couple weeks ago, and I have been waiting to see them in the magazine. VK’s online preview didn’t have them, and I started to doubt that I heard correctly. But here they are! So beautiful, crazy crazy cables.

  2. LOL, my friend Mollysusie is completely in love with Jared Flood too. She said she wants to have yarn sex with him.

    That’s awesome that your doggy likes to dance. 🙂

  3. Wow, those are really pretty! I love Jared Flood too- he’s the reason I started buying Vogue Knitting (Fall 08, the Druid mittens).

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting because it gave me the opportunity to discover yours. It is beautiful in layout and photos. Best wishes on your recent marriage and happy knitting.

  5. Your dog is too cute! I love Jared Flood’s new pattern too, but I feel like it should be one I wait to knit until I’m retired and just doing it for the process. I lose gloves all the time, and the thought of losing one of those–okay, I just got dizzy.

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