No time to knit

What have I been doing you want to know? I haven’t been knitting at all and I pretty much haven’t been outside for the last three days, though I’m planning on going outside today! And no, I haven’t been sick. This is how I’ve been spending all my time the last few days:

Snuggle Up

Enjoying a good flossie

Check out the sitting position on this one:
Sitting with a flossie

Taking over Kubrick's bed

Don't you dare take Teddy!

And though Kubrick didn’t warm up to his new little brother right away, they’re becoming friends now!
Doting brother

Paws Up

Just so you don’t forget about him, Kubrick would like to add that he is, indeed, still cute:
Mommy, I'm still cute!

Hitchcock is just the sweetest, happiest puppy, if you can’t tell by these pictures.

And, yes, I am in puppy heaven!

8 thoughts on “No time to knit

  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Hitchcock just makes me want to snuggle with him forever! And yes Kubrick- you’re still adorable. *squeeeezes*

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