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I’ve been away the last five days in California for my friend’s bachelorette party (which was awesome… spa day, shopping, Wii games, wine and yummy Mexican food – what more could you ask for?) and just got back to the East Coast – going from 98 degree weather to 60 degree weather is a big change! We spent one day at a dog beach in Huntington. It wasn’t that warm so we were wearing jackets, but the sun was nice. My friend’s dog, Claude (a mutt – she has no idea what he is, though he is cute!), had fun running around the beach with his friend Harrold (one of the bridesmaid’s dogs). Kubrick and Hitchcock would have had a great time if they’d been there, but sadly they were left behind.

Enjoying the sun

Loving Claude

This is Harrold (he has a mohawk!):

Starting Mohawk

You can't catch me

These looked like parasailers, but they had motors… not sure what to call them:


The zoo was also a lot of fun! I love going to the zoo and the San Diego one is wonderful. I have more pics in my flickr page, but these are some of my favorites… oh and Happy Earth Day too!

Mohawk Monkey

Sleepy Baby

Hiding Out

Resting Place

Goofy Face



Grooming is boring

In knitting news, I finished my first pair of socks on the plane over to California. My Monkeys are finally done and I am so happy to have the pair now. They are so great and fit perfectly! I really can’t believe it took me so long to start knitting socks, but now that I have I can see a lot of pairs in my future. πŸ™‚

Monkey Socks - FINISHED

I took a picture from my iPhone inside the plane as well, but it didn’t come out very well (I had no idea how much planes move until I tried to use my iPhone to take a picture inside of one)… I might share it later, but probably not… it’s not that attractive!

My last bit of news is very exciting to me as I have received my wedding highlights video and I love love love it! I’m sharing it here as I thought some of you would like to see it. Our full length video should arrive soon and my husband and I can’t wait to see it. I just love our videographers (they’re a husband/wife team) and their editing techniques. If you want to see the video, click here. I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Pictures and a Wedding Video

  1. Oooh Lina, I had so much to say about your sockies and about your trip to my old stomping grounds…. and I lost it all
    Got stopped in my tracks by your lovely, lovely video. Thank you for sharing that… soooo beautiful and romantic. You look like a fairy princess with your prince.
    I can’t get over your cake and Kubrick? with you two. Best ever.

  2. What an amazing video. Thanx for sharing it. Your socks are fantastic. I love knitting socks, but always end up with the whole onesockitis thing. i get one done and get half way thru the other one and end up starting a new project. I’m envious that you were in Cali (sigh) I miss it much. The pix you took at the zoo are wonderful too btw. I like the one of the rhino.

  3. The video is beautiful! So romantic… Thank you for sharing it!

    Your pictures are gorgeous as always, I love the ones from the zoo! And congratulations on your first socks!

  4. Wow, what a great video! You two make such a lovely couple, and it looks like your wedding was fantastic!! πŸ˜€

    I love your pics too, the koalas are so cuuuuute!!

    Well done on the socks, they look great! I really like the colours.

  5. Hi Lina,

    Just cruising the web looking for anything I can find about Havanese and found you! I think we must be kindred spirits or something as I also love to knit (actually made it my business – see website above), but in a couple of months I will be bringing home two (yes two!) Havanese puppies! I think they will look a lot like your Kubrick and Hitchcock. Our Rascal is black and white, and Pixie is dark sable.

    Love all your photos – great work!

  6. Love the pictures,especially the lounging gorilla and the sleeping Koala- I miss the beach and I always miss the California weather when it’s starts getting muggy here.

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