Case of the Blues-ish

Apparently I like to knit with mainly one color as all my recent knits have been different shades of blue. It’s not something I did on purpose, I swear, but it just happened. I shared with you guys my Ulmus (Rav link) shawl in the last post, which has plenty of blues in it. I think it’s safe to say that that’s what started off my blue-kick of late. Sadly, that shawl (or what I had of it) has gone the way of the frog pond. Not because I didn’t like it and not because it wasn’t gorgeous, but because my gauge was way off (I’m not sure why but I was knitting this shawl tighter than usual) so I need to go up to a size 6 needles. I spent Thursday night frogging my process and was so saddened by it that now I just don’t have the energy to start it again. I probably will sometime this week, though. I’m knitting it for a contest and it runs June-July so I have plenty of time to cast on again. It’s a beautiful shawl and I’m sure will turn out amazingly beautiful in the end… frog pond or no frog pond.

Moving on (and staying far far away from that pond), I have cast on for a Mara shawl (Rav link) using Madelinetosh Tosh Worsted in Baltic Sea. It’s a gorgeous mix of blues that I’m just completely in love with:

Mara - WIP

Plus, the garter stitch is just plain yum, IMO:

Mara - WIP

I love the texture of garter stitch, so I’m very excited about finishing this shawl so I can wear it! I’m currently at 30.5″ in width and probably will knit it to 40″ or so… I don’t want it to be a full shawl, more like a shawlette. This is a VERY easy knit – knit stitches all the way with some YO’s but that’s it! seriously, at this point it’s just a mindless knit, which is always a good thing to have on the needles, I think.

Another easy knit that took me two days to get off the needles is the first in a pair of Oolong socks (Rav link):

Ooo my Oolong - WIP

Are these beautiful or what? They are knit in this lovely Teal-ish blue (also Madelinetosh but Tosh Sock in Iceburg here) that just knit up wonderfully well.

Ooo my Oolong - WIP

It’s funny because as I was knitting it I wasn’t sure that I really liked the color with the socks, but when I was done I totally did. I think it’s one of those project/color combos that I had to completely finish to really like. This sock pattern does not have a lot of projects done on Ravelry and I really don’t know why… it’s a very quick knit and the results are delish! Highly recommended.

I also do have a finished project to show you guys. I finished up my Glynis socks and though I didn’t really enjoy knitting them all that much, I just love the finished product. Still love the pooling!!!

Glynis Socks - FINISHED!

Pattern – Glynis by Cookie A. (rav link)
Yarn – Socks That Rock Lightweight in Siren Song (rav link) (store)
Needle – US1.5 (2.5mm)
Cast on – May 14, 2009
Cast off – May 30, 2009

Glynis Socks - FINISHED!

And these do fit the blues-ish theme as the light color in them is a very light blue. So I totally tied them into this post. I’m just special that way. πŸ˜‰

Glynis Socks - FINISHED!

I’m heading off today for my first engagement photo shoot ever and I’m very excited about it! If I get any good pictures (I better, right?), I’ll be sure to share them with you all here later this week. Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “Case of the Blues-ish

  1. That Madeleine Tosh looks absolutely scrumptious! I love that shade of blue. I love most blues, though, so your post made me really happy! I have a new blue project, too.

  2. Hi, I just found your blog through wordpress tag surfer. What gorgeous socks you make! They look amazing – and I like that beret too – thinking of knitting one of those myself – they look so good on everyone.

  3. Mara shawl look pretty easy…The socks are beautiful… I guess Blue is just your color. Good Luck on the photo shoot. I am sure you will do greatβ™₯

  4. I love those bluesy blue yarns too! I have to go click on your links to see what it is your making, but so far, it’s beautiful. And those socks! Oooh, oooh, oooh – you are such an enabler!! πŸ™‚

  5. I love blue, too. And your blues are all beautiful. Just started Glynis, and I know what you mean, I keep having to look at the chart and don’t seem to be able to memorize it yet. Seeing yours though, is an inspiration to keep going.

  6. I got here by way of the comment you left on my blog! Thanks so much for visiting me! Now…I am doing the Mara shawl KAL on Rav too! Your color is fabulous…I am doing the Fig colorway, browns with a whisper of purple…and I love it! I’ve gotta ask about your gorgeous sock knitting…do you use 2 circs or magic loop or? Beautiful, each and every pair…

  7. Oh your special that way alright! And Junepot is right about your enabling. I started my Monkeys because of you. Oolongs are now on my brain.
    Beautiful work— as usual!!!

  8. Your socks are fantastic! And your shawl is looking great too, lovely colours! I hadn’t come across that pattern before, just added it to the queue πŸ™‚

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