A Finished Object…

I *was* planning on showing knitting for this post, but a more important FO came up! One of my dearest friends that I have spoken about quite often before and that I threw that baby shower for in September just had her baby boy! Everyone, meet the gorgeous Tudor with cherry red lips!

Isn’t he amazing? Such a beautiful baby and just slept the whole time we were there (he had a long day, after all), though I can’t wait until he can interact with us. Knowing his parents, I’m sure he will be a fun baby to be around. šŸ˜‰

Congrats (yet again) to the happy parents!

And in case you noticed the logo on the pictures, I’m pleased to announce that I am starting my own business in photography! I’m hoping to do mostly weddings, lifestyle pictures (people and pets) as well as knitwear for designers. I hope you will all check out my photo blog and my website when it goes up! I’m excited about undertaking this new venture! Please visit TripleC Photography. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

11 thoughts on “A Finished Object…

  1. I just discovered your blog last night and I love the photos! I was wondering if you can pass along the info for the pattern for the rainbow baby hat you showed in your 3/9/09 post. I love the booties, but the hat with the little brim is so cute, too.

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