Happy Halloween!

We just took the pups on a walk around the neighborhood and had a great time seeing all the little kids dressed up (as well as the not-so-little adults) and trick or treating! The part of Brooklyn where we live is incredibly family-friendly so it was actually quite overwhelming how many people were out there tonight. They all seemed to be having a great time. 🙂 We aren’t doing much of anything for Halloween (watching scary movies, the usual) but it’s still one of my favorite holidays.

This month was pretty worthless for me sock-knitting wise. Despite my best intentions to make this a Socktoberfest month, it just did not happen. I even missed the deadline on my Vilai socks, haven’t touched them since I posted about them at the beginning of the month! I do have an excuse as I’m trying to open up a new business, get new clients, and wrap up my other work, but I still feel bad… I have, however, done very well on keeping up with my Vine Yoke Cardigan that I posted about swatching earlier! I actually have pretty much finished it (it’s blocking right now) though I still need to put the buttons on it and wait until it’s dried. I’m excited, though, as this is the first sweater I have ever made for myself! And I think it looks pretty good so far, but I have to wait until it’s dried before I can try it on for myself. As I don’t have pictures of it on the blocking board, here are some pictures of it while I was working on it a while ago:

Vine Yoke Cardigan - WIP

This is being knit using Malabrigo Worsted in the color Applewood and I think it looks pretty good in it!

Vine Yoke Cardigan - WIP

That’s a close up of the gorgeous yoke. Be prepared for some pictures of me modeling it within the next day or two. I’ll leave you guys now to go watch some scary movies with the hubby and puppies… the puppies love to snuggle up on the couch to watch movies!

Messy heads

What are you doing for Halloween? Scary movies night in or big dress up party? Whatever it is, I hope you have fun doing it! 😀

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