Interview and Socks

I had a great time being recently interviewed by Beverly of Yarn Intercept! She’s an awesome designer (I particularly love her Mythica vest) and a great blogger so I was so honored to have been chosen by her to be the first in her 10-Question series. So go check the interview out and while you’re there, check out her blog too. I promise you won’t regret it. 😀

In great part due to the interview, I also decided that it was about time I cast on for a new pair of socks as my last pair was finished back in January and I haven’t done another pair since. I really want to start doing some colorwork in general, but in particular with socks. However, I really wasn’t in the mood to do something incredibly difficult and, as it turns out, I’m off to The Loopy Ewe‘s Spring Fling on Thursday (OMG SO EXCITED!!!!) and I really need something completely mindless to knit on while chatting up with everyone there. Keeping those two things in mind, I cast on for a pair of Circle socks in the self-striping yarn Syncopation by Sknitches.

Flapper Circle Socks - WIP

I love how retro and groovy the socks look and can’t wait to get them done! I also think that the pattern perfectly complements the self-striping yarn.

Flapper Circle Socks - WIP

I think I will finish this sock so that I can knit on the other one while there. I’ll probably also have an easy shawl to knit on as well. Two easy projects sound like just the right thing to take to weekend of knitting and chatting it up! Not to mention a visit to Loopy Central and a class with Jared Flood. That’s right, I said Jared Flood! The knit-man of my (completely and totally platonic, of course) dreams. Can’t wait! 😀

10 thoughts on “Interview and Socks

  1. I love the colors of your sock. Very nice, perfect pattern. My friend is knitting the same pattern, I think. We were knitting in church. I made a mistake two rows back…sigh.

  2. I’m glad the interview inspired you to knit socks! I love that pattern too. It looks great in self striping yarn. Those colors look like you’ll be ready for the next sock hop when you finish! Very pretty.

  3. I love how the colors seem to be cooperating with the pattern. Great job as usual. Lucky you getting to be with Jared. I hope you are going to tell us all about it♥

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