All Moved In!

Finally, we are finished with moving and have settled into our new home! Although it only took 2 weeks for us to get everything unpacked and put away, it felt like a lot longer than that! I think I’m most excited about getting back to my work and actually doing something else other than house work, LOL! I also missed this blog and blog land… I have more than 200 posts to read on Google Reader (yikes!) but most of all I missed my knitting! I haven’t picked up any knitting at all in more than 2 weeks now, so I’ll be happy when I actually can get back to it. 🙂 I thought that for this blog post I can share our new home with you since (obviously) it’s all I’ve been thinking about lately!

Our new home

That’s the living room above. The condo has Southern, Eastern and Western exposures, which allows for a *lot* of sunshine and light – the living room faces South. I love this, but it does get very bright in the apartment! I took these pictures on a mostly cloudy day, to give you an idea of just how bright it can get. It does make for a very cheery home, though, especially with the paint colors we chose for it. 🙂

Our new home

From the living room you can see the third bedroom, which is our guest room, my work room, and the knitting room all rolled into one. It is a very nice room, and I love spending most of my day in it, which is good as that’s what I do! 🙂

Our new home

The daybed in the guest room pulls out into a King sized bed for guests. We’re very excited about this, as it makes it that much easier to get our friends from around to country to come visit us! 🙂

Our new home

You might have noticed the yarn cabinet in the other picture… here’s a better look at it! I’ve had this for the last year already but I did some revamping of my stash to make everything fit a bit better (there’s still overflow, but at least it’s contained!). I think it looks very good right where it is, though try not to notice the two gashes on the wall. They’re being fixed this weekend… moving scars, LOL!

Our new home

The master bedroom I chose to do in green as I love green!

Our new home

Two spots I wanted to share with you… my knitting corner where I can sit and relax:

Our new home

And the dogs’ corner. I just think this is so cute! We are teaching them to use the bells to go potty outside, but they’re still learning it.

Our new home

That door in the picture leads to our balcony. We have wonderful views in this apartment, if you can tell by the pictures, but the one from the balcony is just awesome!

Our new home

The dogs love going out there to enjoy the wind blowing in. They like having a potty area right outside too! 😉

Our new home

There is also a second bedroom but I won’t show you that as it’s my sister’s room. We are letting her stay with us for the next year to help her out with living expenses. And, yes, I promise my husband is 100% okay with this. People don’t really believe us, but we all get along very well and they were actually friends before I even started dating him (she introduced us), so they’ve known each other a long time. We’re excited to have her here with us for a little while. 🙂

Anyway, so that’s our new home and we love it! It’s so nice to finally be able to enjoy living here rather than be thinking about everything that still needs to be done! At least now I feel like I can breathe!

The next post will be a giveaway for yarn that just won’t be staying on in this new place, so stay tuned! 😀

19 thoughts on “All Moved In!

  1. Oh my gosh – beautiful! I love the paint colors you chose, and look at all those windows! Can I ask where you got your DVD shelves?

  2. Fabulous place. I love the colors you chose and all that natural light is wonderful. I’m so glad you are all settled in so you can get back to work and KNITTING! Lucky sister too:)

  3. I can’t not believe the gorgeous view – never have lived in a metropolitan area I am amazed with the skyscape.
    Absolutely love the clean lines of your home
    oh, and the natural light ! ! ! !

    Thanks for the home tour.

    Hugs & ♥♥♥s,

  4. I am in love with the colors on the walls. I am partial to green too. I think you have very lucky friends they get to stay in that beautiful room with all the glorious yarn! I love that the doors are glass you can be inspired by what is visible.

    I think the balcony with the potty spot is so creative. I live in the midwest, raised mostly in the country, and wondered about city dogs, the thought of walking a dog at 4 in the morning being dressed than kills me!

  5. Lovely! Congrats on a place of your own, and so lovely to see you back in blogland. I adore your spare room, I can just imagine how lovely it would be to hang out there all day too 🙂

  6. Oi Carolina !
    Que lindo seu novo apartamento !
    PARABÉNS !!!!
    Que vcs. sejam muito felizes aí .
    Estamos muito orgulhosos pela conquista de vcs.

    Abraços ao Spencer !
    Amammos vcs. e sempre estamos com vcs. em pensamento e em nossos corações!
    Bjs. !

  7. Wow, your new place is lovely!! Great colors you’ve chosen, and I am envious of all those huge windows and all that sunlight! Enjoy your new digs. : )

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