Knit Photography

Esperanza Scarf

So lately I’ve been doing a few knitwear photography shoots and I am more than happy with this! I love doing this and hope to help designers get their sales up by showcasing their gorgeous patterns! 🙂

The Children of Lir shawl that I test knit and did the photography for is now available on Ravelry if any of you are interested!

Children of Lir Shawl - FINISHED

And a little while ago I did the photoshoot for Talitha Kuomi for her new pattern Esperanza (rav link).

Esperanza Scarf

Tali lives in Massachusetts so she mails me her samples and I photograph them for her… Esperanza is such a gorgeous little scarf, though, that it was hard to let go of it after shooting it, let me tell you!

Esperanza Scarf

I can’t wait to do more knitwear-based shoots! So much fun! 😀

8 thoughts on “Knit Photography

  1. I just can’t believe how your sister’s looks are a right mash-up of the Mariz side of the family! And very pretty, too!
    Your pictures are great! Jared Flood, watch this space… 😉

  2. Oh how I wish you lived closer! Gorgeous photos – and of course someone with a passion for knitting with always be a great pick for a knitting photographer!

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