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It’s snowing here (again, *sigh*) and amidst all the gray skies and white-snow-turning-to-black-sludge streets, a dose of color and pretty has been needed. In other words, some eye candy! I usually just stare at my yarn cabinet in those moments and soak in the color so I thought I should share some of my latest acquisitions with you dear blog readers in an attempt to bring the pretty to you! Although I’ve been very very good about knitting from stash lately (I’ve seriously learned how to control impulse buying), I’ve had a few additions to the stash in the last couple of months that I’m very proud of. In particular the last few sweater quantities that have crossed my doorstep are quite lovely and definitely worthy of sharing!

First up is a dyer that quite a few of you readers encouraged me to try during the Blogiversary contest: Hedgehog Fibres. And boy oh boy am I glad I did! Take a look at this beauty:

Hedgehog Fibres Blue Faced DK

That’s her new Blue Faced DK base in the color Shamrock and I pretty much gasped when I saw the color and gasped AGAIN when I touched it! Oh so soft and luscious. I cannot wait to knit this one up. Right now it’s destined to become a Parcel (rav link), though I’m withholding final word until I’m ready to knit with it. That being said, I do think it will look just lovely knit up in that sweater!

Madelinetosh Tosh Sport

And this one I’m particularly in love with! It’s Madelinetosh Tosh Sport in Ophelia and it’s just a beauty to look at! Even though it’s extremely variegated, which I don’t usually knit with (though lately they’ve been drawing me in… not sure why!), I just had to buy it when I saw it come up on her Etsy site… and it also has a sweater all lined up for it too! The beautiful Cria (rav link) out of the new Little Red Knits book by Ysolda Teague – which I preordered the minute it became available! Love all those sweater patterns! And Cria should be the perfect sweater for such a variegated color as it’s all stockinette and garter stitch. By the way, if you haven’t tried the Tosh Sport base yet you should… it’s so wonderfully springy and soft and the stitch definition is beautiful. I knit a Bitterroot out of it earlier this year and am looking forward to a sweater made out of it!

Madelinetosh Pashmina

Tosh Lace

Last, but certainly not least, are the skeins above that I bought specifically with a sweater in mind. This is very rare for me, as I usually buy yarn and THEN commit to a pattern (not sure if that’s been the best approach for me, to be honest!), so I was very excited about this one coming in and I believe it will be my very next sweater pattern! It’s the Fred+Ginger Cardigan (rav link) by Laura Chau and I love everything about it… the stockinette stitch, the little lace ruffles (I have such a weakness for ruffles!), the fit, everything! I cannot wait to cast this one on and I think the Tosh Pashmina and Lace in Fjord will just look gorgeous in it.

And although I do have some new single skeins lying here and there (very few, though – I promise I’ve been good!), I think I will save those for another time… probably one when more Eye Candy is needed!

And for an extra dose of Eye Candy, I changed my blog layout and banner today. I love seeing all those trees in color up there! So pretty. πŸ™‚

20 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Nice! The first two colours remind me of a colourway of Malabrigo Twist which I bought on my recent trip to London and another colourway which I consdered (but then decided I needed to control myself).

  2. That is some lovely wool. Most definitely worthy of stash adding. And some lovely choices of patterns. I’ve favourited the Fred and Ginger cardigan – it’s gorgeous

  3. Wow! I’m in love with your Ophelia! Those are some of the prettiest skeins I have ever seen πŸ™‚ Jealous (1000). Can’t wait to see how it will look in your cardigan!

  4. Those are some gorgeous yarns, and I LOOOOVE the colors on the last one. All these bright colors make this dreary, snowy day in NY a little brighter. πŸ™‚

  5. They’re all gorgeous, but I LOVE the MadTosh Ophelia. Those colors are amazing! Wow. The sweater patterns you’re thinking of are all lovely, too. Sometimes I think I get as much fun out of planning out my sweaters as actually knitting them! hehe.

    I like the new banner! : )

  6. Your lovely photos of these gorgeous yarns totally brightened up my day and my mood (my husband is unknowingly thanking you for this)! I am in love with that Ophelia colorway. This is the first time that I’ve seen it but will be on the lookout for an excuse to buy it. Like you, I often pick out the yarn first, then the project. Not an efficient process, but that just shows that we love yarn, right?

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