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Welcome all to my brand new home –! I’m really happy to have moved onto my own domain, finally! Everything will be the same, but you will all have to switch your subscriptions and links over to instead of the old wordpress address. I know, I know – what a hassle! So in order to appease the masses, I’ve decided to do a giveaway to all my lovely readers! What will you get? A copy of my new pattern – Nouveau Bohemia – and a skein of Madelinetosh 80/10/10 MCN Worsted (oh-so-yummy) in the Bloomsbury color… it’s one of the colors I was seriously considering when making the design and I think it will make a gorgeous Nouveau Bohemia hat!

Madelinetosh 80-10-10

I know it’s two skeins pictured, but you only get one… don’t be greedy now! 😉

What do you need to do to win this one? Just leave me a comment here by Monday, February 14th asking me any question that you’d like… whatever has been on your mind lately! It can be something related to the blog or not. I will try to answer the questions as best as I can and if I don’t know the answer… well, I’ll probably be making things up as I go, so this should be fun to read! In addition, you can get extra chances to win if you:

1. Subscribe to the blog feed through your favorite subscriber method then come back here and leave another comment letting me know you did this.

2. Blog about this giveaway on your blog then come back here and leave another comment letting me know you did this.

3. Add/update your links on your sidebar to – then come back here and leave another comment letting me know you did this.

How’s that for plenty of chances to win? Oh and of course we need some rules to all of this! I will ship to anyone anywhere, so feel free to comment away, even if you live in Antarctica (do they ship things to Antarctica?)! And if you have already bought Nouveau Bohemia (I know some of you already have!) then I will either give you Folha Luz OR let you gift Nouveau Bohemia to another friend. You still get the pretty skein of yarn, though, so win-win all around.

So excited to be posting in my new home and I hope you enjoy coming here… and updating your links! *nudge nudge wink wink*

89 thoughts on “New Blog Home Giveaway

  1. Congratulations to your own domain! I updated my RSS reader for the new site.
    I shall ask you a question? Well… Is there still snow in NYC? (I liked your pictures of the snow-covered city a lot.)

  2. Wow, what a generous giveaway! I love your new hat design and you’ve inspired me to track down a skein in Quilt. My question is, what is your favorite Madelinetosh colorway?

  3. Updated my Google Reader. I just found your site recently. I would hate to lose it now. Are you planning on going to any big shows this year?

  4. Congrats on the new place…looks great! What’s your favorite subject to shoot? Yarn that sits still, dogs that don’t, weddings, babies??

  5. Hi Carolina,
    Was checking out ravelry and came across your name along with the Nouveau Bohemia pattern. I’ve purchased your Bohemia pattern on Ravelry. Then I saw that you have a website whose photography is really quite nice. I am from Connecticut, and have been knitting for quite a few years. I have a yarn stash well beyond my life expectancy. I am definitely a yarnaholic. I am of Portuguese descent, but born in the U.S. My Dad was born in Mira de Aire, Portugal. My Mom was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts. I’d love to win your yarn giveaway.

  6. Congratulations on your own domain! Whoot!

    My question for you:

    I have a point and shoot camera. I never shoot on the automatic setting. I have a real hard time photographing red, black and fuschia. If it’s yarn, it tends to look like a blob. With blacks, the pattern or detail doesn’t show up unless I make the color more gray in post processing. I don’t have photoshop and just use flickr and Iphoto. Any tips for me?

    I’d love to see regular tips about photographing our knitting, quilting, etc in your blog posts!

  7. How did you finally make the switch to your own domain? Well, I know how you did it, but what motivated you. I purchased my own domain name but haven’t been able to make myself do anything with it. I think finding the time is the issue for me. I just need to make myself stop knitting and actually work on the website some! 🙂

  8. I already regularly read your blog via my Ravelry friends tab. Updates to my favorite knitting blogs are always much quicker on Rav than on my slow Google feed. (BTW, please don’t forget update your Rav profile page with this new site address so I don’t miss anything!) Congrats on the new space!

  9. Congrats to your new site. Question: What are some tips you can share about taking photos of yarn to add to stash pages on Ravelry?

  10. Congrats on the new digs – and thanks for the contest – what’s your favorite knitting book?…favorite stitch pattern book? favorite book for eye candy?

  11. Updated you in Google Reader. Great giveaway! Would love to delve into hat knitting. I have yet to tackle that! What was your first knitting project and how long ago did you start knitting?

  12. Congrats on the new space. It is awesome. I updated your blog link and subscribed to your new blog reader..I was wondering how big is your stash? Do you have a stash philosophy?

  13. and third — on my blog, i have a google reader widget that automatically populates new blog posts from knitting blogs i read, so you’re there in the sidebar every time you post. 🙂 i love that, so easy. i enjoy poking around in others’ blogrolls, always hoping to find a new blog to love, and am dismayed when the bulk of them are abandoned (and for such a long time, like jan2009!). the reader widget keeps that from happening. good stuff.

  14. Hey, Lina – Congratulations on your new home!! You must be very excited 😀 My question is: Are you planning to make the trek south to NC for the Havanese Nationals this year? I would so love to meet you and discuss our many mutual interests!!

  15. Hey – congratulations on your new site. It looks great. I dropped in to tell you that I updated my reader, and that I’ve been eyeing your new hat pattern on ravelry… beautiful.

  16. Anddd I just updated my sidebar to include your blog, too. I had been meaning to tidy that up for a while… you finally got me to do it, so thanks! 😛

  17. Hi there. Haven’t been a subscriber, so it’s hard to come up with a question (not knowing what you’ve already talked about) so… What do you think is going to happen in Egypt? Will they really have fair and open elections come the fall?

    (Love the hat, love the yarn!)

  18. My question is this: I’m not very tech savvy – how can I receive an email update that there is a new blog post? I think before I just clicked a link on your blog & started getting them – which I love! I forget about blog readers & end up spending hours getting caught up when I do remember!

    I added your blog to my blog sidebar some time back, but I just updated you to the new space. Love Nouveau Bohemia – I’ll be starting it today.

    1. LOL, great question! 😀 You just click on the little mail icon on the upper right corner of the page that says By Email. That’s it!

      Thanks for buying the pattern too, Tasha, I hope you enjoy knitting it and I can’t wait to see what yarn/color you choose.

  19. I just subscribed to your blog – yay!! In the past I just watched for anything new on Ravelry, now I will get it as soon as you enter new posts! I already had you in my favorites, as well. 🙂

  20. Love your projects!
    My question: Do you buy your yarn only when you have a project lined up, or are you like me and keep buying more and more?

  21. Hey
    Congrats on your own wee domain 😀

    My question – I was surprised when I saw your name on Rav, and didn’t think I knew it… then realised you go by a nickname/abbreviated version. So, how long have you had the nickname, and do you ever get called your full name?

  22. So now that you have two designs out, I was wondering if you’re considering desining as a “full time” job, like Ysolda, maybe? I know you probably won’t give up photography, which is a good thing, your work is great, but you’ve done great designing as well…

  23. Hi there, just subscribed through email. Not really a question, but a plea for help. I’d love some tips on how to photograph yarn to get the right coloring. I can never get my yarn coloring to show up just right in my stash photos. Thanks for the giveaway. I love this new pattern and the yarn you’ve chosen to go with it.

  24. Hi! I’ve followed your blog for about a year now, how exciting you have your own domain!! Congrats on that! I don’t know that I really have any questions, hmm, how about do you ever knit anything for your dogs?

  25. Love the new space. I wonder how do you decide on a sweater to knit? Recommended to you? Read reviews? What makes a sweater a must knit?

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