Giveaway Winner and Some More Yarn

After running the RNG, the winner was Rosemarie! I sent her off the skein of WM in Vamp already. Congrats to her and thank you everyone for participating and sharing your lessons lived. They were all very inspiring (and true)! 🙂

I’ve done some knitting in the past week, but not as much as I had hoped… on the other hand, I have received some yarn and wanted to share a particularly pretty package I got the other day. I think it was the cutest package of yarn I have ever gotten from a store! It came all the way from Germany from Sheepaints, who carries some lovely yarns and dyes them beautifully.

Sheepaints Package

That’s what the package looked like when I opened it and here is a close up of the adorable knitting chickens on the box:

Sheepaints Package

There was a nice note too:

Sheepaints Package

And when you lifted it up, there was all this gorgeous yarn in it!

Sheepaints Package

Here it is outside of the box and with the two yummy chocolates that it came with:

Sheepaints Package

The yarn is so soft and squishy too, I love it! This will most certainly not be my last purchase from Sheepaints. I’m pretty sure I knew that the minute I saw the little chickens knitting away on the box lid. 😉

I’m not sure when I will be able to cast on any of it, though, as I’m off to Brazil and then Peru tomorrow! I will be gone for a little over two weeks, so don’t expect any posts until I get back. I’m looking forward to the trip, but I’m definitely going to miss the dogs, who had to be dropped off at the dog sitter’s today. I’m sure they will have an amazing time over there as she has three Havanese of her own and an ENORMOUS backyard that is completely fenced in for them to run around and have a ton of fun in. But I’ll still miss them… they really add to the house and it feels so empty without them here. 🙁 I did take some pictures of them last weekend and these two are my favorites!

Hanging out

Hanging out

And on that note of adorable cuteness, I’m off! I’ll be sharing pictures of my trip, as usual, when I get back, so look for that! And when I get back I will be working on a lot of posts that I’ve been meaning to do and haven’t had a chance to. Hopefully things will settle down a bit more then so I can get to them. See you guys in two weeks!!!

13 thoughts on “Giveaway Winner and Some More Yarn

  1. the yarn looks great:) i love the chickens too! the pics of your dogs are adorable:) isn’t it strange how it feels odd when they aren’t around? even for a few hours. have an amazing trip, can’t wait to see you vacation in pictures:)

  2. Have a great trip Lina. Can’t wait to see pictures of your travels and for the SF to start! (Bet they’ll miss you too, but how much fun the boys will have!)

  3. From the pictures it looks like the dogs already knew you’d be going away! Happy travels, and hope you have a lot of time to knit on the planes. Look forward to seeing your pictures when you get back!

  4. Just wanted you to knaow that I received the yarn last week and the color is absolutely gorgeous. I believe that I will knit up a shawl with it. Thanks again, and have a wonderful trip.

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