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As I missed posting about Easter, I thought I would do so today because as it turns out I actually did take pictures of our Easter eggs to share with you all and then didn’t have time to post them! To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Easter. I’m not religious, which is no secret to those that know me, but I still love to celebrate Christmas and other religious holidays only because they were a part of my childhood and it makes me happy to recapture that joy that I had growing up with my family – particularly during the holidays! Even so, Easter has never been a favorite of mine. I’m not a fan of ham (traditional Easter fare, I believe) and I also don’t much care for Peeps, Cadbury eggs, candy, or the Easter bunny. Now, of course, I do love my Easter chocolate but here in the US it’s just not the same as in Brazil and it’s not because the chocolate is better in Brazil (even though it is), but because I just love Brazilian Easter eggs! These are not the plastic Easter eggs that most people think of when they think of Easter eggs… they are whole eggs made out of chocolate! And they’re huge!

Brazilian Easter Eggs

So of course I was so happy to have visited Brazil right before Easter as I was able to bring home some Easter eggs for the hubby, my sister and I! And I bet you’re wondering what they look like on the inside…

Brazilian Easter Eggs

Brazilian Easter Eggs

And when you open the hollow chocolate you get… more chocolate! LOL!

Brazilian Easter Eggs

They have many different flavors and types, but my favorite one (since I was a kid) is Diamante Negro, which is the one I’ve shown above. The eggs are also made in different sizes and I remember as a kid getting at least one big one and half a dozen small ones. Of course, I never ate it all and the eggs quite mysteriously would start disappearing as the week after Easter progressed, but it was still fun to receive them and eat the ones my mom didn’t get to give away as well! And my memory of them didn’t fade one bit… they were just as good as I remembered them being! I just love it when something you haven’t had for a long time is still good years later.

And just to bring the blog up to the present a bit before I go, here’s a picture of the hubby and I at my birthday dinner last night. It was a ton of fun celebrating with lots of friends and the food was just to-die-for yummy, including the amazing desserts! And even without an Easter egg in sight. πŸ˜‰


Oh and did you notice the new banner? I just love the Spring feel of it! πŸ˜€

10 thoughts on “Belated Easter Post

  1. Woah, that is a serious Easter egg! My family was never very into Easter, except for the chocolate part – my mom would hide two of those hollow chocolate bunnies in our house for my brother and me to find. To this day, I get a serious desire for chocolate right around springtime.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday!

  2. Those are yummy looking eggs. I’m a dark chocolate fan and have problems finding eggs in dark chocolate. Love the birthday pic of you and DH

  3. Your American Easter eggs are made of plastic? Really??? What a swizz!!

    Our British eggs are chocolate and come with extra chocolates (although they’re not usually inside any more).

    Plastic!? I am totally shocked and appalled.

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