Year of Socks – Sock 6 5


In my haste to share my gorgeous Rhombus socks, I totally forgot about poor Mona! And she actually is very pretty in her own right, so that wasn’t right of me at all!


Mona is a VERY easy Cookie A pattern, though I have to say it wasn’t the funnest one to knit. For some reason I never got into a groove knitting them even if they were easy to work on. The yarn is gorgeous, though, being Fiberphile… I mean why wouldn’t it be gorgeous, no? 😉


Pattern – Mona by Cookie A (project link | pattern link)
Yarn – Fiberphile Merino Nylon Sock in Whirpool (rav link | store I used)
Needle – US1 (2.25mm)
Cast on – April 26, 2011
Cast off – May 18, 2011
Modifications – none

So this marks my halfway mark on the Year of Socks. And considering I’ve finished another pair and am almost done with a second pair, I think I’m more than good on my goal for 11 socks this year! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ll be surpassing this, but we’ll see. This is very exciting for me, but I do miss knitting sweaters and other things too. Although I did Timenoguy in June I’m really in the mood to cast on something else besides socks… maybe that’s my problem with trying to do multiples of things in a time constraint. It makes me miss knitting on other things! I’m thinking next year will be my year to just knit whatever I damn well please. That would definitely be a change in pace from other years! How are you all doing on your knitting resolutions from earlier this year? Getting sick of it, already gave it up, or chugging along? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that all of the above is correct… as long as you’re having fun doing it! 🙂

Oh and thank you to everyone for your hugs and love to Hitchcock in the last post! I can say that he’s almost at 100% now. Which would be good except that now he wants to PLAY and RUN and get into TROUBLE all the time. And we have to wait until Wednesday to get his collar off! So now I’m just counting down the days until we see the vet and she gives him the greenlight to have all the fun he wants to have!

10 thoughts on “Year of Socks – Sock 6 5

  1. So glad to hear Hitchcock is doing well. I totally understand about the pattern. The yarn though is gorgeous, love it! If it feels half as good as it looks I would have a hard time taking them off.

  2. Glad to hear that Hitchcock is doing so well.
    I decided this year that I wasn’t going to do any KALs or commit myself to any goals for knitting, but instead I would just knit what I felt like knitting. Turns out right now that’s socks. I’m on my 23rd pair for this year. But I know at some point I will get bored with socks again and I will be back on to lace, or trying to finally finish some sweaters or something. I was finding it too stressful to have too many goals and deadlines on my knitting, since it’s the thing I do to de-stress. Your socks sure are beautiful though!

  3. Look at me, de-lurking and leaving a comment! That yarn is so BLUE, it’s sending “Buy Me!” waves from the monitor to my eyeball and right straight to my credit card! Your socks are lovely, it’s a shame they weren’t more fun.

  4. TDF color. Weren’t you working on these during the Fling??
    No more KAL’s next year for me unless I LOVE the pattern and it works for me at the time. Otherwise too much pressure which is the opposite reason of why I knit…to relax, yes??

  5. gorgeous yarn and socks:) a Great combo:) i’m happy to hear that hitchcock is on the mend:) playing, running, and getting into trouble seem to be what they like best huh? 🙂 the cone makes it a little bit difficult, and funny too:)

  6. Gorgeous! That blue is simply stunning. I love Cookie A’s patterns, but I think I’m yet to knit one. Shocking! I must rectify that soon 🙂

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