Hurricane Irene

Rainy Day at home

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’m okay and so are the pups and my husband. We are riding the storm out at home as we have NOT been evacuated and should be safe from any flooding that might occur. We are still a little bit worried about the wind and there’s a chance that we will lose power and water so we’ve bought plenty of non-perishable food and water to last us a week or so. Everything from the balcony has been moved inside and we should be as prepared as we can be for this! Thank you so much to everyone that emailed/messaged/PMd about the hurricane and asking how we are doing and wondering about our safety. It means a lot that so many of my readers and friends have reached out, so thank you!

Now we are just going to wait it out… I’m guessing this will involve a lot of sitting around and knitting, which can’t be all bad, no?

Ellington Sock - WIP

The puppies will be hanging out with us just like any other rainy day… as they were in these pictures taken a couple of weeks ago.

Rainy Day at home

Rainy Day at home

Rainy Day at home

To all other East Coasters: I wish you all the best during this storm! Stay safe and dry and most of all obey all law enforcement and evacuation notices!!! Don’t stick around just because you think you will be safe. If you are asked to leave please do so.

I’m hoping to be able to update you all tomrorow, but it will depend on whether or not we have power. In either case, I will let you know as soon as I can how we weathered the storm. Until then, stay safe everyone!

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Irene

  1. It sounds like you’ve done all you can to prepare! I’m glad you aren’t one of the stubborn ones. Stay safe and enjoy the down time to knit! See? There’s a silver lining in that monstrous cloud, right?

  2. Stay safe out there!!! And if power goes out, make a fast run for ice, people go nuts when they don’t have ice. Oh, and don’t forget sanitizer in case you can’t use the water supply, or wash up for a few days. OK, that said, I am sure you won’t need any of it, hoping it blows right on over quickly. 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that you are keeping safe and have some hurricane knitting at the ready. We had to evacuate the island where we live but were able to come back this morning. Just a few fallen trees and shrubs but thankfully no flooding. Stay safe. Those adorable pics of the pups really raised my spirits!

  4. Yikes! Glad to hear you’re ok. I was on holiday in Spain when I heard the news about the hurricane and didn’t have internet access to check how my family and everyone else was. So glad to hear that you’re keeping safe, and enjoy your knitting time!

  5. Hi Lina- it was great to meet you at Rhinebeck! I was the one in the grey sweater from Charlottesville. I showed my husband your blog when we got home and he said with some confusion, “She knits butterflies?” From eight feet away, I guess the Hurricane Irene sock looks kind of like a butterfly…after 400+ miles.. and two beers… and a chattering 3-year-old…I guess. I’m looking forward to your catch-up post!


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