Lots of new beginnings in Photo.Knit.Dog land today. For one, the beginnings of a blanket:


This is Umaro by one of my all-time favorite designers, Jared Flood. I am making it for a friend of a friend. It’s someone I’ve never met but who is undergoing chemotherapy soon and my friend wanted to give her a blanket to keep her warm at the hospital. She asked me to knit her one and I was happy to do it!


This is a blanket I’ve been wanting to knit for a LONG time and as much as I can say I’d love to keep it for myself, I knew that I wasn’t going to get around to knitting it until I got motivation like this, so it went on the needles as soon as my first WIP was done for the year and it’s going along pretty well. I have started the third repeat and the third skein of yarn on this, so considering I’m planning on using 8 skeins I’m about 25% done (a little farther than when I took this picture).


We are also facing the beginning of Winter Storm Nemo, which is coming down really really fast outside my windows right now.


I took these pictures an hour ago and I’d say we’ve gotten about 1″ since this picture and we’re supposed to be getting something like 2-3″ per hour at the height of the storm, so it will be getting a lot worse!


The puppies and I are happy that we are staying in… and Kubrick is enjoying watching the snow fall:



This is also the beginning of O’s 12th month (she will be a year old on March 8!) and it’s my mom’s birthday to boot! So a pretty special day all around. Sadly, I am not with either of them today, but at least my mom gets to spend the day with her granddaughter as O is in California visiting our families! I miss her a ton and can’t wait to see her and my husband when they get back later this weekend. As I’m not around to take a picture of her, here’s an older (but new to you!) pic I took of her:


And finally, as if nothing new could be piled on, I’m excited to announce that we are in contract on a new house! I can’t wait to move in as it’s more than 2x the size of our current apartment and it’s a perfect place, truly. We looked for a while and were discouraged several times, but we finally found the place that we hope to live in forever (or at the very least for the next 20 years). I can’t wait until we can close and then move. It will be stressful (already is, actually…) but still very exciting!!

What’s new with you? Any new knits or new adventures planned? Tell me all about it! ๐Ÿ˜€

9 thoughts on “And so it begins

  1. So glad to hear you are doing well. Glad to see pics of the pup and the babe both very adorable.Tax season here but weather is only gray and rainy. I love watching a storm from inside. How exciting that your family is buying a home. Space will be wonderful but will quickly fillup my empty closets filled up in 6 months lol. I love the blanket gorgeous pattern.

  2. I love the blanket. The colour is gorgeous. The first time we stay away from the human monkeys for more than a few his is very hard. At least you have the ‘boys’ keeping you company!
    Exciting news! Is it a house-house or still an apartment but big? In Brooklyn or are you moving further out? xxx

  3. Moving is so much work but also so much worth it in the end. You just have to get through it. Love the new blanket. I hope you and the boys are warm and snug.

  4. Love the pix. Olivia is getting so big. She has a great smile. The blanket is beautiful. So where are you moving to? The burbs, or still in Brooklyn?
    See you at Fling.

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