Knitting with dogs



After the girls go to sleep I finally get a few hours to myself and I usually choose to spend them knitting and watching TV or movies with the hubby. Last week he was out of the country for work so it was just me and the dogs upstairs after 8:30. The couch is really the dogs’ domain all day long but particularly so at night while I sit and knit. As you can tell, they are usually half asleep unless I’m bothering them to stay together for a photo op. Lazy pups!




I love getting these few hours of peace and quiet in. What do you do to unwind from the day?

4 thoughts on “Knitting with dogs

  1. I find myself slowing down now Fall is here, so the day’s wind down these days is usually some kinda exercise/yoga (just getting back to the workout grind), dinner with some reading and tea following that or crafting (knitting or crochet).

  2. Oh my gosh, look at how nicely they sit with you! I would love to have another dog (ours died about three years ago), but my husband doesn’t seem too excited about it. My dog would lie on the floor at my feet when I crocheted blankets; he understood that they would cover him when they were long enough! To unwind at night, I crochet, read and watch TV or movies. I probably watch more than I should, but I enjoy a good show. I hope you’re having a good week, Lina.

  3. I miss those pups 🙂 They are super sweet. I am mostly a “late night weekend knitter” these days. I don’t get much time to knit or crochet during the week so it takes me forever to finish anything 😉 I also love a good glass of wine while listening to my audiobooks or podcasts while I knit. I also LOVE to run 😀

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