Timenoguy I & II

Timenoguy – Cables, lace and ruffles: three of my all-time favorite things to knit. I always wanted to make a shawl that would incorporate all three of these and this is how Timenoguy came to be. The pattern is knit from the top down and although the lace and cables keep you on your toes the wrong side rows are plain, giving you a nice break from thinking about your knitting on the way back. The shawl itself is lovely with the flirty ruffle edge and the elegant cables and lace pattern. The stripes are there to lend it a sense of fun and keep it from being too stuffy. Timenoguy can be worn over any dress on chilly evenings or as a scarf on colder days. It’s the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit!

Nouveau Bohemia

Nouveau Bohemia - Prototypes

Nouveau Bohemia – Nouveau Bohemia is a quick and easy lace and cable beanie/beret design to keep you or a loved one warm during cold days! There are three styles of the hat within the pattern – beanie, beret and extra slouchy beret. The pattern works well with handspun yarn and hand-dyed variegated and solid colors. This is a fun and casual style – totally Bohemian! – using fine yarns that feel wonderfully soft on your head. Thus, Nouveau Bohemia: a rich Boho look for those who can’t give up decadent yarns but still love to look “artsy.”

Folha Luz

Folha Luz - FINISHED

Folha Luz – A shawlette knit in a heavy fingering weight yarn from the bottom up so every row you knit gets smaller and smaller as you go. Although it is a quick knit and is mostly composed of garter stitch, Folha Luz has a lot of elements at play during any one row so you will never be bored with it! It is a perfect accessory to layer on during the Winter months and to keep you warm on chilly Spring and Fall days.

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  1. Hi, I connected to your blog through Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. I’ve been thinking of making a sweater and I remember a while ago you had a photo of a vintage sweater that you thought was designed and perhaps made by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Can you refer me to that blog so that I can have a look at it again. It was such a beautiful sweater. Thanks and what an inspiring blog you have. Lisa

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