Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

As soon as I found out that a Total Lunar Eclipse would occur on the Winter’s Solstice, and not only that but this is something that has not been seen on Earth since 1638 (yes, that’s 372 years ago!) I decided that I just had to watch it! So I stayed up late (not that hard, actually, if you know me at all) and braved the 20 degree cold night air and gusty winds outside my balcony to get pictures of it! I can’t say that the Total Lunar Eclipse one turned out as well as I had hoped because, as it turns out, the gusty winds moved my tripod a tiny little bit and the pictures blurred a bit. But still, some of the pictures turned out well enough and it’s too cold to try and brave that again, LOL!

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Is that awesome or what? I love that I was able to watch it and think about the fact that the last people to watch this happen were alive more than 300 years ago. Wow. Makes one think, no? Did any of you watch it? Were you as impressed by it as I was? Or am I just really easily impressed? πŸ˜‰

Happy Winter’s Solstice everyone! Hope you stay warm on this the shortest day of the year (although if you are in the Southern Hemisphere I’ll instead say stay cool on this the longest day of the year).

15 thoughts on “Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

  1. I am totally impressed too and really glad you got photos. Now I get to see it even though I didn’t know it was happening.

  2. My husband and I went outside and watched it. I took pictures too, but they are nowhere in your league! We were very impressed and feeling rather insignificant after thinking about how long it’s been since an eclipse has happened on the winter solstice. Also, it was amazing to think we are standing on the big, giant ball that was in the way of the sun. Very bizarre feeling.

  3. Fantastic eclipse photos! What an auspicious solstice, I hope it means a great spring is coming. I wish I could have seen it but the snow was in the way. Happy Solstice!

  4. I think you got some great pictures! I wasn’t able to see it here in Ohio because of the cloud coverage we had (and still have), so I didn’t stay up for it.

    Happy Winter’s Solstice πŸ™‚

  5. I think your pictures are great. It was at 7:30 am over here, the moon just about to set, and daylight taking over and I hoped to see it on my way to work – but it was all cloudy and you couldn’t see the moon at all. So thanks for sharing!
    Tina in German

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