Tropical Storm Irene

Post-Tropical Storm Irene

Yup, we got downgraded. The big hurricane we were all expecting didn’t hit us and most New Yorkers are having the “that’s it?” feeling after the storm passed. I don’t. As much as we prepared and bought water and food to last through a power outage – and then didn’t even have anything happen – we are glad that at least we were prepared and didn’t just blow this off. Better to be safe than sorry, no? Plus, I know lots of other people around the East Coast weren’t half as lucky as we were so we are considering ourselves happy that the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm and nothing bad happened to us!

Post-Tropical Storm Irene

Around us this was the extent of the damage – lots of leaves and branches on the ground! The wind is still blowing steadily in the 20-30mph range so nothing to sneeze at, but for now the danger is passed and life can get back to normal. I for one am looking forward to tomorrow when we can take the dogs for a walk and enjoy the sunshine. And that’s what we’ll do!

Sunday Afternoon at Prospect Park

I hope all of you were able to stay as safe as we did and that you were “disappointed” with the storm. And if not, I hope things get fixed up and back to normal for you very very soon!

9 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Irene

  1. That happens here over and over in Florida. I’d much rather be prepared and safe than the alternative. I’m glad you feel the same. The consequences of not being prepared can be catastrophic.

  2. Glad you are all safe. I totally agree better safe and prepared than bad things. Hope you have sun tomorrow for your walk.

  3. SO relieved to hear you’re safe. Thought about you all week but didn’t have a reliable internet connection until today. Hope you enjoyed your busy summer!
    Revel in the sunshine:)

  4. Yay! I’m glad you guys are alright.
    Also, I love seeing your dogs run, something about them running makes me so happy! I’m sure they make you super happy at all times of the day. 🙂

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